G&N Development History

1: Established in HongKong in 2005

2: Moved to Dongguan, China in 2010,

3: Established a factory in Shipai, Dongguan in 2012

4: Launched the hydroponics project in 2014

5: Registered hydroponics brand - GNFORTUNE in 2016

6: Registered hydroponics brand - BATO in 2017

7: Moved to new address in 2018

8: Attended AgraME in Dubai in 2019

9: Team Expanding, investing more on molding and R&D, G&N company developed rapidly in 2020

10:New product line - hydroponic towers developed successfully and put into the market in 2021

11:Team continue to expand, R&d center established in 2022

12:Attend Saudi Agriculure Exhibition in October 2023

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Vertical A Frame Nft System

Better to save space to increase yield of vegetables

Horizontal Nft System

Sufficient sunlight, easy to manage planting and picking, suitable for hydroponics planting in large scale.

Horizontal Dense NFT System

Lower frame cost,Maximize the use of space, easy operate

Multi Layer Indoor System

Rational use of space, high-yield, good for high value vegetables

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